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Cover for The Unknown Masterpiece, a Short Story by Balzac

The Unknown Masterpiece, a Short Story by Balzac

The unknown masterpiece, or 'Le chef-d'oeuvre inconnu', is a story by French author Honoré de Balzac. This short text was of tremendous importance in the world of art, for it holds ...

Cover for Sherlock Holmes äventyr

Sherlock Holmes äventyr

'För Sherlock Holmes är hon den enda kvinna i världen: han kallar henne alltid endast »hon». Jag har aldrig hört honom ge henne någon annan benämning. I hans ögon står hon högt öve ...

Cover for Pakkopaita


Darrell Standing on yliopiston professori, joka on tuomittu elinkautiseen vankeusrangaistukseen murhasta. Elämä vankilassa on kamalaa. Vanginvartijat kiduttavat Standingia pukemall ...

Cover for Sherlock Holmes bragder

Sherlock Holmes bragder

Mästerdetektiven Sherlock Holmes är tillbaka i en samling spännande berättelser som utspelar sig från Dartmoor i England till Reichenbachfallen i Schweiz. Här får vi bland annat fö ...

Cover for The Magnificent Marriage

The Magnificent Marriage

A social introvert, Lady Dorinda Burne has always felt uncomfortable around lots of people due to a skin condition which has always marked her as the ‘ugly sister’. She is forced o ...

Cover for Who Can Deny Love?

Who Can Deny Love?

The handsome Virgo, Marquis of Fane, has a reputation as a bit of a ladies' man and doesn't care for the high-society socialites chasing after him and his fortune. His passions are ...

Cover for A Song of Love

A Song of Love

Love, true Love! For the lovely, widowed Lady Sherington, it bloomed in her thirty-sixth year, when she was still ravishing enough to pass as the twin of her daughter Trina.But her ...

Cover for Emma (Premium)

Emma (Premium)

Rediscover Emma in this new, lively audio edition, narrated by acclaimed West End actress Kathryn Drysdale Looking to delve a little deeper into the treasure trove of Jane Austen's ...

Cover for Love Holds the Cards

Love Holds the Cards

Accustomed to spending fortunes on fast women and high living, Lord Wynchingham is horrified to lose a fortune in a card game and then finds that he is almost bankrupt. So when Tin ...

Cover for Kultahohde


Kaksi miestä taittaa matkaa Yukonin kylmyydessä, vain rekikoirat seuranaan. Yllättäen esiin ilmestyy maja, jonka savupiipusta tupruaa savua. Miksi joku asuu keskellä metsää, asumat ...

Cover for Sanditon and Other Stories

Sanditon and Other Stories

In a new audio adaptation of some of Austen’s lesser known works, Avita Jay brings to life the wit and satire of one of England’s greatest authors. In Austen’s final and unfinished ...

Cover for The Audacious Adventuress

The Audacious Adventuress

Unfairly dismissed from her role as a governess after her lecherous employer forces himself upon her, Druscilla Morley is determined to keep her head down. Dressing drably to hide ...

Cover for Den store Gatsby

Den store Gatsby

Den store Gatsby är ansedd som en av tidernas mest framstående romaner och skildrar det flådiga livet på Long Island under det glada tjugotalet. Romanen kretsar kring den mystiska ...

Cover for Levoton lapsuus

Levoton lapsuus

Vuosi 1917. Kansalaissota varjostaa tamperelaista pihapiiriä, jossa varttuu joukko lapsia. Yhdeksänvuotiasta Lauria huolestuttaa, mitä hänen äidilleen on tapahtunut. Poika kastelee ...

Cover for Eläinten vallankumous

Eläinten vallankumous

Uusi suomennos Orwellin kestoklassikosta!Eläinten vallankumous on brittiläisen George Orwellin (oik. Eric Arthur Blair, 1903-1950) huikea satiiri aatteiden alttiudesta ajautua väär ...

Cover for Amerikka


Karl Rossman on 16-vuotias poika, jonka perhe lähettää siirtolaiseksi Yhdysvaltoihin. Syy ei kestä päivänvaloa – Karl on nimittäin saattanut kotiapulaisen raskaaksi. Karlin setä as ...

Cover for Pride and Prejudice (Premium)

Pride and Prejudice (Premium)

Rediscover one of the greatest love stories of all time with this new audio edition of Pride and Prejudice, masterfully narrated by actress Adjoa Andoh ('Bridgerton', 'Doctor Who') ...

Cover for Love in the Afternoon

Love in the Afternoon

Stephen Lestrange, a handsome painter living in Paris, was on the verge of getting married to the plain Lucy. Was he truly ready to settle down with Lucy, considering that he had f ...

Cover for Herland (Premium)

Herland (Premium)

‘Herland’ is the trailblazing novel from feminist icon Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In this new audio edition, acclaimed actress Rosy McEwen delivers a spellbinding performance bringi ...

Cover for The Yellow Wallpaper (Premium)

The Yellow Wallpaper (Premium)

A timeless piece of feminist literature, the story follows a series of journal entries made by a woman diagnosed with hysterical tendencies by her doctor and husband. Barred from w ...

Cover for The Divine Comedy 1: Hell

The Divine Comedy 1: Hell

"Inferno" tells the story "of those who have rejected spiritual values", of those who are lost and are unable to find the right way to salvation. It describes each sin and the corr ...

Cover for Mrs Dalloway

Mrs Dalloway

"...she always had the feeling that it was very, very dangerous to live even one day." Mrs. Dalloway is busy taking care of the final preparations for her evening party when an old ...

Cover for Cuckoo in the Night

Cuckoo in the Night

When Janine Scott was summoned by her sister Chris to visit her home in Devonshire, she knew that something was wrong. Indeed, strange things were happening. A man was visiting her ...

Cover for White Nights

White Nights

"White Nights" is the story about a melancholic daydreamer, who spends his life idling in St. Petersburg and indulging in existential questions. He is so much in a world of his own ...

Cover for The Gambler

The Gambler

One of Dostoevsky’s shorter novels, "The Gambler" reflects the author’s own difficult and prolonged battles with gambling as one of his major addictions. It is the story of a young ...