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Cover for The Three Musketeers II

The Three Musketeers II

France’s fate hangs in the balance! In this second part of Dumas’ classic, our heroes must race across Europe to save the day. It all begins with Queen Anne of France, who is havin ...

Cover for The Three Musketeers I

The Three Musketeers I

Prepare yourself for the ultimate swashbuckling epic! Perhaps Alexandre Dumas’ most famous creation, this tale of heroic swordsmen set the standard for every adventure story that f ...

Cover for 1984


ISOVELI VALVOO SINUAUusi vivahteikas suomennos totalitarismin vastaisesta klassikosta!Viime vuosisadan kenties tunnetuin dystopia, George Orwellin (1903-1950) teos 1984 oli ilmesty ...

Cover for Dorian Grays porträtt

Dorian Grays porträtt

Den stilige Dorian Gray besitter en skönhet som är få förunnad. Han tycks aldrig åldras och har en omåttlig förkärlek för det ytligt vackra. Men vad de flesta inte vet är att han h ...

Cover for The Odd Women

The Odd Women

First published in 1893, ‘The Odd Women’ by Victorian author George Gissing revolves around the themes of feminism, marriage, and love through the lives of several contrasting wome ...

Cover for Aunt Crete's Emancipation

Aunt Crete's Emancipation

‘Aunt Crete’s Emancipation’ follows Miss Lucretia Ward or ‘Crete’ to her family, as she navigates life with her rude sister Carrie and her spoilt niece Luella. They treat the older ...

Cover for A Tale of the Tow-Path

A Tale of the Tow-Path

‘A Tale of the Tow-Path’ by American author Homer Greene, is a short story which follows the exploits of the young son of a farmer, Joe Gaston. Following a disagreement with his fa ...

Cover for The Blind Brother

The Blind Brother

First published in 1887, ‘The Blind Brother’ was one of American author Homer Greene’s earliest works. The tale follows the story of two brothers, 14-year-old Tom Taylor and his bl ...

Cover for Daddy-Long-Legs


Young orphan Judy Abbott’s life is turned upside down following an unexpected message. An anonymous benefactor has offered to pay for Judy to attend college on one condition – she ...

Cover for Amy Foster

Amy Foster

In this 1901 short story inspired by Ford Maddox Ford’s "The Cinque Ports", Conrad works on the theme of alienation. It centers on a young man, Yanko, the sole survivor of a shipwr ...

Cover for The Children of the Sea

The Children of the Sea

The trading ship Narcissus is sailing towards London, but long the way the ship and its crew pick up a West Indian black sailor, James, who shortly after falls ill. To prevent cont ...

Cover for The Mirror of the Sea

The Mirror of the Sea

'The Mirror of the Sea' (1906) is a collection of autobiographical essays first published in various magazines between 1904 and 1906.Joseph Conrad lived an exciting and eventful li ...

Cover for The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage

There comes a time in the course of a battle when a soldier leaves his fate in the hands of the Gods of war. He carries on with the battle at hand, the only way he knows how - figh ...

Cover for That Affair at Elizabeth

That Affair at Elizabeth

Published in 1907 ‘That Affair at Elizabeth’ is a detective novel set in turn of the century New York City. When bride-to-be Marcia disappears just hours before her wedding, friend ...

Cover for The Holladay Case

The Holladay Case

The life of a law clerk at a New York firm is hectic. It can only be made more so by the addition of a murder trial. Alongside his job at Graham & Royce, Lester has a front-row sea ...

Cover for The Storm

The Storm

"The Storm" (1704) is a founding document of modern journalism. It tells of the events of November 1703, when a hurricane struck Britain. It is composed of verbatim eyewitness acco ...

Cover for Queen Lucia

Queen Lucia

"Queen Lucia" (1920) is the first volume of E. F. Benson’s "Mapp and Lucia" 6-novel series. It is a comedy of manners, set in provincial Riseholme (Lincolnshire). Emmeline Lucas ru ...

Cover for Bunner Sisters

Bunner Sisters

‘Bunner Sisters’ explores the lives of the impoverished class in 1870s New York. Sisters Ann Eliza and Evelina run a small shop out of a shabby basement on a side street. Despite t ...

Cover for The Custom of the Country

The Custom of the Country

The Custom of the Country (1913) is a scathing critique of American upward mobility, as told through the journey of overindulged Undine Spragg. She moves from Apex City to New York ...

Cover for The House of Mirth

The House of Mirth

Witty socialite Lily Bart has expensive tastes. Unfortunately, she does not have the social status to match. So far she has managed to get by on ‘old money’ and has become accustom ...

Cover for Laddie


"Laddie" is Gene Stratton-Porter’s most autobiographical novel, and is titled after her brother, who drowned as a teenager. It is the story of Pamela Pryor and Laddie Stranton. Whi ...

Cover for Moths of the Limberlost

Moths of the Limberlost

Gene Stratton-Porter was a naturalist and fierce conservationist as well as an author, and one of the areas she held dearest was the Limberlost swamp. Indeed, she spent her income ...

Cover for The Harvester

The Harvester

"The Harvester" is a gentle love story, made up of a fondness for nature, high moral ideals and an engaging plot. It is the story of young David Langston, who lives in the countrys ...

Cover for In the Year of the Jubilee

In the Year of the Jubilee

The Jubilee marks the fiftieth year of the reign of Queen Victoria. Dickensian in its sweeping scope of London life, Gissing’s "In the Year of the Jubilee" (1834) depicts the hars ...

Cover for Manon Lescaut

Manon Lescaut

Manon Lescaut är en berättelse om förtärande kärlek som får ödesdigra konsekvenser. Romanen utspelar sig i 1700-talets Frankrike där den unge adelsmannen Chevalier des Grieux blir ...