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Cover for Kelpo sotilas

Kelpo sotilas

Mitä tapahtui Edward Ashburnhamille?Kun amerikkalainen pariskunta saapuu 1900-luvun alussa Eurooppaan, he tutustuvat moniin kiinnostaviin ihmisiin. Talvet he viettävät Nizzan ja Bo ...

Cover for Unga kvinnor

Unga kvinnor

Älskad klassiker av Louisa May Alcott!Systrarna Meg, Jo, Beth och Amy March växer upp i en liten stad i 1860-talets USA. Den äldsta systern Meg är ljuv och vacker men aningens fåfä ...

Cover for Lysande utsikter

Lysande utsikter

Den föräldralösa Pip växer upp i fattiga förhållanden i en medelstor engelsk stad. Han är rättfram och godhjärtad i en värld som är full av motsatsen. På Pips resa från utskälld li ...

Cover for Mary/Maria


Mary Wollstonecraft har gått till historien med sitt välformulerade försvar av kvinnans rättigheter. Här möter vi samma författare, i samma ärende, men i två texter där hon utveckl ...

Cover for Rouva Bovary

Rouva Bovary

Hurja klassikkoteos rakkaudesta ja intohimosta.Emma Bovary on turhautunut nuori nainen, joka haaveilee kauniista asioista, rikkauksista ja intohimosta. Hän kaipaa elämäänsä jännity ...

Cover for Heinäsirkan aika

Heinäsirkan aika

Viiltävä klassikkoteos Hollywoodin filmiteollisuudesta.Eletään 1930-lukua. Tod Hackett on nuori taidemaalari, joka on vastikään muuttanut Hollywoodiin. Kykyjenetsijä kiinnostui Hac ...

Cover for Ystävyydestä


Millaista oli ystävyys antiikin Rooman aikaan?Kun roomalainen kernaali Scipio Africanus nuorempi kuolee, hänen ystävänsä Gaius Laelius Sapiens pohtii ystävänsä poismenoa omien tutt ...

Cover for En försvunnen värld

En försvunnen värld

Edward Malone, en irländsk yngling, är reporter för tidningen Daily Gazette. Han letar efter ett nytt långväga uppdrag som är förenat med äventyr och fara i hopp om att imponera på ...

Cover for Those Extraordinary Twins

Those Extraordinary Twins

Mark Twain's ‘Those Extraordinary Twins’ follows conjoined twins, Luigi and Angelo. While the former is something of a sensualist, often drinking to excess and constantly wreathed ...

Cover for The Lottery Ticket

The Lottery Ticket

And here comes the winning ticket! The numbers are... When Ivan Dmitritch reads the newspapes, he sees that the winning numbers from the lottery are very much the same as his wife’ ...

Cover for Vanhuudesta


Filosofi Ciceron kiinnostavia ajatuksia vanhenemisesta.Marcus Porcius Cato vanhempi on pitkään ikään elänyt roomalaismies. Kun nuoret ystävykset Scipio Africanus nuorempi ja Gaius ...

Cover for Scipion unennäkö

Scipion unennäkö

Jännittävä katkelma Ciceron mestariteoksesta.Kun Scipio Africanus nuorempi näkee erikoisen unen, hän arvaa kyseessä olevan enneuni. Unessa hänen isoisänsä, menestynyt soturi, saapu ...

Cover for The Adjuster

The Adjuster

Written by famous author F. Scott Fitzgerald, this short story relates the rocky relationship of married New York couple Luella and Charles Hemple.Luella Hemple is selfish. However ...

Cover for Tarquin of Cheapside

Tarquin of Cheapside

Set in London in 1594, ‘Tarquin of Cheapside’ is a cross between a whodunnit and a whodunwhat. We find Wessel Caxter reading ‘The Faerie Queen,’ before his evening is interrupted b ...

Cover for Porcelain and pink

Porcelain and pink

This comedic short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald follows the character of Julie.A nonsensical, witty, and charming tale, 'Porcelain and Pink' features a pink girl in a bathtub and a ...

Cover for O Russet witch!

O Russet witch!

Bookseller, Merlin Grainger, has a crush. The only problem is, he’s never actually met the girl he’s in love with, so he calls her Caroline. Russet-haired Caroline keeps popping in ...

Cover for Mr. Icky

Mr. Icky

A sad story filled with morality and longing, 'Mr Icky' follows a family who is growing up. While the children experience wealth, high society, and the opportunities they bring wit ...

Cover for Jemina


Deliciously funny, ‘Jemina’ is one of those rare things: a story for a story’s sake.Fifty years ago, way up in the mountains, the Tantrums and the Doldrums fell out over a game of ...

Cover for Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders

Do opposites actually attract? 'Head and Shoulders' features the intellectual Horace, who is totally absorbed in his studies at Princeton, but falls for a spirited dancer despite t ...

Cover for Dalyrimple Goes Wrong

Dalyrimple Goes Wrong

Dalyrimple is rich and arrogant and believes he stands above the standards of life itself. He can't find his place in society and flits between opportunities. F. Scott Fitzgerald a ...

Cover for Benediction


Lois, a young girl, is anxious to meet her lover but makes an unexpected stop at her brother Keith's house, who is studying to become a Catholic priest. After not seeing him for ma ...

Cover for The Sensible Thing

The Sensible Thing

This short story follows the loveable character of George O'Kelly, an aspiring engineer who sells insurance to pay the bills.George falls in love with the mysterious Jonquill Cary. ...

Cover for The Jelly-Bean

The Jelly-Bean

Jim Powell is a jelly-bean; a lazy, idle man, who is content to drift through life. However, when his friend, Clark, invites him to a shindig where Nancy Lamar is going to be, ther ...

Cover for Love in the Night

Love in the Night

At the tender age of 17, half-Russian, half-American Val has a brief romance with a married woman from the United States. However, this fleeting encounter is about to change his li ...

Cover for Kazan


Kazan is three quarters husky and one quarter wolf, and struggles with these two sides of his personality. A part of him wants to stay with people, while the other wants to run fre ...