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Cover for The Drummer

The Drummer

We are used to reading about princes saving their princesses from dangers. But this tale will surprise you. It is a story about a young drummer and a disembodied, bewitched princes ...

Cover for The Peasant and the Devil

The Peasant and the Devil

If there was someone to trick the Devil himself, you would not expect it to be a hard-working peasant, right? Well Brothers Grimm surprise us yet again with a folktale about an unr ...

Cover for The True Sweetheart

The True Sweetheart

Some are born with a golden spoon in the mouth. Others are forced to lead difficult and unfair life full of miser and desperation. This time the heroine in our story is not a princ ...

Cover for The White Bride and the Black One

The White Bride and the Black One

The Lord once visited one evil woman’s home. She was so rude and impolite that the Lord made her and her daughter ugly. The woman’s stepdaughter was however so kindhearted and good ...

Cover for The Six Servants

The Six Servants

Once lived an evil sorceress who had a beautiful daughter. Many princes tried to win the princess’s heart but the queen would not let them take her daughter that easily. The admire ...

Cover for The Shoes that Were Danced to Pieces

The Shoes that Were Danced to Pieces

One king had twelve beautiful daughters who slept all together in one chamber. Each evening the king would lock their room and each morning he would find them with shoes danced to ...

Cover for The King of the Golden Mountain

The King of the Golden Mountain

A merchant traded his son for riches and wealth. It happened by mistake but the deal could not be reversed. The merchant decided to trick the dwarf who was going to take away his s ...

Cover for The Wishing-table, the Gold-ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack

The Wishing-table, the Gold-ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack

Can you imagine getting driven away from your home because of a lying goat? As impossible as it may sound, it happened to the three brothers in our story. Sadly only after the fath ...

Cover for Fula fiskar

Fula fiskar

En felaktigt dömd mördare utför sin felfria hämndplan, en okänd bil förföljer en ensam kvinnlig resenär på en öde väg och en äktenskapssvindlare säkrar sin framtid genom att gifta ...

Cover for The Racers

The Racers

One day, a competition was organised: the fastest would be awarded first price. The jury gave first prize to the hare and second prize was awarded to the snail. Long debates follow ...

Cover for The Bottle Neck

The Bottle Neck

In the tallest and poorest house in a very narrow winding street, was an attic with a single window. Behind this window, was a bird in a cage; the state of the house and the cage w ...

Cover for The Bell Deep

The Bell Deep

All the local children knew the river Odense and they all knew about the bell that could be found there. A long time ago, the bell, being tired, had fallen from its beam and had la ...

Cover for Ib and Little Christine

Ib and Little Christine

In Gudenau, in the forest of Silkeborg, lived a farmer, Jeppe Jans, and his son, Ib. In winter, when there was nothing to do in the fields, Jeppe Jans made clogs and Ib tried to do ...

Cover for The Thorny Road of Honor

The Thorny Road of Honor

The men of our world who experience glory do not generally attain it easily. There have been several martyrs who, before knowing honour, have had to follow a very thorny path...Han ...

Cover for In the Uttermost Parts of the Sea

In the Uttermost Parts of the Sea

An expedition was taking place to the other side of the sea: many boats had been sent to the North Pole to explore the sea and the ice. It was winter and over there the days ran in ...

Cover for The Last Pearl

The Last Pearl

Everyone was happy: an heir had been born and mother and son were doing well! Almost all the fairies came to offer a gift to the newborn, there was just one missing who should have ...

Cover for Five Peas from a Pod

Five Peas from a Pod

There were five peas in a pod: they held their line and waited for the moment to leave. For them, everything was green: they were green and their world, which was limited to their ...

Cover for She Was Good for Nothing

She Was Good for Nothing

While the town judge was at his window, the son of the washerwoman passed before him. The judge said him unkind words to him about his mother. She drank to keep warm during the lon ...

Cover for Under the Willow Tree

Under the Willow Tree

Johanne and Knud lived close to the town of Kjöge, where there are many gardens that extend as far as the river. There is not much else, but it is charming in summer! It was under ...

Cover for There is a Difference

There is a Difference

It was the month of May and spring had arrived, although it was still cold. The flowers were blooming, but not all flowers receive the same praise. Some would say that there a diff ...

Cover for A Picture from the Ramparts

A Picture from the Ramparts

In this short tale, Hans Christian Andersen depicts the prison of Castelvold and tells of a little bird and a prisoner. Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) was a Danish author, p ...

Cover for The Jumpers

The Jumpers

A flea, a grasshopper and a jumping goose entered a competition to see who could jump the highest. Who would win? That is a question that would turn out to be more complicated than ...

Cover for The Sweethearts

The Sweethearts

A top and a ball lived in the same toy drawer and the top wanted to marry the ball, but the ball felt differently.Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) was a Danish author, poet and ...

Cover for Eve's Various Children

Eve's Various Children

This story goes back to the very first people on Earth, Adam and Eve, and their children. When God decided to pay a visit to them, Eve hided those children she meant were ugly. God ...